We love answering your questions! It goes hand in hand working with you to select the solutions that fit your needs.

Jim Metzger

California Point Systems

Whether you are starting your first website or have an existing one, we are happy to meet with you to discuss the possibilities. First, we take the time to listen to what your requirements and expectations are. As a part of that discussion, we are happy to answer your questions to give you a full understanding of the possibilities.

The first meeting is at no charge because we want to insure that we understand your needs and expectations, as well as your time and budget considerations. We strive to fit to your size.

From this meeting, we will review with you a list of ways to accomplish your goals within your budget and time constraints. Wherever possible, we will give you alternate paths to your goal, as well as additional options that we feel could further enhance your website. These plans will include pricing and time estimates for each work step.

When you choose which options work best for you, we will put together an estimate for the work involved and review it with you.